Arena X by Big Air is a high energy, multiplayer indoor arena where players challenge their opponents to the reach the highest score. In this timed experience, players search & scan glowing beacons located throughout the arena to collect as many points as possible. Test your skill, fitness, and bravery as you speed through the Sea of Ropes, race your friends on the Quarter Pipe, and try and hit every target on the gravity-defying Spider Wall. With 15 minute games, 21 challenges, 4 levels and 80 targets – who will you challenge?

To play in Arena X you need to be at least 4ft tall. Each ticket includes a 15 minute game. Your electronic wristband keeps your scores which will be displayed on the leaderboard once you complete your game. Your wristbands work for future visits so you can come back time and time again to try and beat your score!

3pm - 10pm
10am - 10pm
1pm - 7pm
3pm - 8pm
3pm - 8pm
1pm - 8pm
1pm - 8pm
WestGate Crossing
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